Third Option is a techno/classical/poetry fusion produced and headed up by producer/emcee/poet Aaron J. Trumm. Always collaborative, Third Option has been at it since 1999, when they re-invented trance with the quirky, catchy, sample laiden Frosted Mini Wheats.

Third Option’s Still was referred to by BBC Radio I’s Annie Nightingale as “wicked, totally compelling”, and Third Option did a 30 minute mix set for BBC I in 2001.

Collaborators have included poets and musicians like Tamara Nicholl-Smith, Daveoramma of Society Burning, and most recently, poet Andre de Korvin of Houston, TX. Third Option paired with Andre to make “The Four Hard Edges Of War”, a techno/classical/poetry epic based on the book length poem of the same name. It features cut ups of Andre’s audiobook reading, the original audio book, poetry-less music versions, and 5.1 surround versions.

Third Option was created and is produced and lead by Aaron J. Trumm, who was the 10th ranked slam poet in the world, holds a master’s from Stanford University in “Music, Science and Tecnhology”, and founded NQuit Music (originally NQuit Records) in 1994.

Third Option’s official contact is thirdoption @ nquit . com – drop us a line!