Mixing, EQ and Processing Questions

I believe this is the last of the questions from years back that I have left…again I don’t find anything I said blatently dumb, but it’s interesting to see this old point of view… Questions I am a single acoustic act. Guitar and vocals. I use a Takamine FD360SC which I play through a Trace […]

Graphic EQ or Parametric?

This is another one of the questions that came through 15 years ago that I didn’t lose – I definitely have a better, more sophisticated view now, but I don’t see anything blatently wrong here ;) Question …I have been setting up a decent home studio over time now, and would like to pickup a […]

A vocals mixing question

Many (like 15) years ago, for a short time, I opened up to questions on my site and people would email me stuff…I have just a couple of those that haven’t been lost and here’s one… Question …you know how some CD’s are mixed so that the singer’s voice sounds “farther away” from your ears […]

Basics Of Analog Audio Mixers

From a 1994 article for the University of New Mexico’s Intro to Electronic Music class: Signal Flow: Mixing boards contain multiple “channels”, each of which has separate input, and is controlled separately. These channels are then assigned to either a “buss” or a master output. Every channel assigned to a given buss or master is […]

What the hell is a Moog?

OMG! A Moog! Is…a synthesizer. You see one pictured here. Moog is actually pronounced “Mohg” – hey MOE-g! But many people say “mooooog” – like a cow with a g. Incorrectly. Just so you know :) Third Option isn’t Moog-centric per se, but it’s a key component in the history of electronic music. The Moog […]

What the hell is a TR-808 (and TR-909)?

Hi! I promised I’d talk about the TR808 and TR909 drum machines…oh – yes what the hell is a tr-808 (and tr-909)? They are drum machines. They are old school drums machines by Roland. Above is the TR-808 and here is a TR-909: I love to quote Wikipedia, so here’s paragraph 1 on the TR-808: […]

Tech: How to ACTUALLY use autoresponders in PHPList 3

Howdy – this is a technical blog post – because I thought it would be helpful to some people and it seems missing. So… This post is a step by step to get Autoresponders working in your PHPList installation. PHPList is a mailing list software that gets installed on your web server. If you don’t […]