Yellow And White

Yellow And White, by Third Option This was one of my slam poems that I used a lot. I ended up retiring it from slam as I got better in slam, because it actually doesn’t fit the form well enough to consistently get great scores. It doesn’t have the right rise and fall of energy […]


Possibility, by Third Option I may have talked a little about this one before. There was a licensing company called Raw42, and I was giving them tracks to shop to TV and movies and such, and they rejected this track because it violated the rule that said no samples. So I wrote back and said […]


B-Movie, by Third Option This one has more pieces of the “Cult Of Nice” essay, read by Tamara. A thing I like about this one is I had all the drums and everything decided, and then we were mix the song and we were like “the snare drum is weak can’t we do something with […]

Cult Of Nice

Well. I kinda got done with Artistic Apocalypse. So I think I’ll move on to some Third Option. So here is the title track/opening track to the Third Option album Cult Of Nice which me and Tamara (Nicholl) worked on at Rock Romano’s Red Shack in Houston. The album is based on this essay that […]


Applemania by Third Option This is the last actual tune on the Frosted Mini Wheats CD. It seems like I posted about this one before. No matter, I’m talking some more! Hmm. Little heavy on the low end in this one too. This is the one with the samples from the National Graphic floppy record […]

Halloween In Denver 2

Halloween In Denver by Third Option I’m not sure the music has anything to do with title on this one. The title is interesting though. It’s a reference to being diagnosed with CF in Denver when I was 8 years old. It was Halloween and I lived in Taos, which is 3 hours or so […]

Halloween In Denver

I kept thinking about this song this weekend: Halloween In Denver by Third Option It’s from the first Third Option album, Frosted Mini Wheats. I thought of doing that album, and thus created that act, when I had been beatboxing for an hour straight on the drive home from hockey practice when I was playing […]

Boycott The Record Shops

Boycott The Record Shops by Third Option I remember being proud of something about the drum mix on this one. Something about the way it was compressed or tight or something. The woman talking is an old old lady and she’s introducing Rage Against The Machine at this concert – I took if off the […]


Amadeus by Third Option Here’s the next track on Frosted Mini Wheats. I almost want to say it should be obvious why it’s called Amadeus, but maybe people won’t recognize the melody. I’m not even entirely sure it IS Mozart. But the strings line is, I think, a Mozart melody which then goes elsewhere of […]


Still by Third Option Oh Still is very important in the realm of Third Option! Still was totally different and not as cool, but then I met the poet Tamara Nicholl, and she wanted to record some poems, so I said ok hey I’ll record you if you let me use the samples. I was […]