Still Phase Motion Mix

“Still Phase Motion Mix” by Third Option. It seems like I was probably moving from one mix to the next, tweaking the next one based on the last. But I don’t necessarily remember. Sure I do! I was! Dammit! :)0 Well what can I say about this version? It’s a little different. It’s – a […]

Still Murphurd’s Slow And Unrequited Love Mix

Third Option’s “Still, Murphurd’s Slow And Unrequited Love Mix” is above… Ok. Lot to explain on this one! First of all, Murphurd. For those of you who know me as Murph, Murph is actually short for Murphurd. I got the name Murphurd freshman year in high school, damn near the first day. I was new […]

Still Telephone Mix

Well obviously I called this version the Telephone Mix because I “telephoned” Tamara’s voice. I used to LOVE to use that telephone effect (which is achieved simply by cutting most frequencies and boosting the ones that the telephone picks up). I felt like if I made it purposefully fucked up, didn’t let you hear the […]

Still Fade To Black Mix

Something I really love that I might not expect someone like me to love, is remixes.  I don’t mean somebody sampling somebody else’s song and turning it into some mashup.  That’s a new thing that people are calling remixing but it’s not.  Remixes, to my mind, are new versions of songs that take the original multitrack audio […]


Ok so I got done with Frosted Mini Wheats and now I’ll just move right on to Still. So Still was just one of the songs on Frosted Mini Wheats, and I probably said before that it was vastly different before Tamara came along. It wasn’t called Still, for one, because Still is the name […]