What the hell is a Moog?

OMG! A Moog! Is…a synthesizer. You see one pictured here. Moog is actually pronounced “Mohg” – hey MOE-g! But many people say “mooooog” – like a cow with a g. Incorrectly. Just so you know :) Third Option isn’t Moog-centric per se, but it’s a key component in the history of electronic music. The Moog […]

What the hell is electronic music?

Aaron here again – I probably should have started this “series” with this question – what the hell is electronic music? It seems like an obvious answer – it’s – uhm – electronic? And it’s music? But it’s actually a deep thing and one of those esoteric things if you think a little on it. […]

What the hell is a TR-808 (and TR-909)?

Hi! I promised I’d talk about the TR808 and TR909 drum machines…oh – yes what the hell is a tr-808 (and tr-909)? They are drum machines. They are old school drums machines by Roland. Above is the TR-808 and here is a TR-909: I love to quote Wikipedia, so here’s paragraph 1 on the TR-808: […]

What the hell is trance music?

HI! Aaron here again, still investigating genres. This time I thought we’d check out trance music. Here’s an example of a pretty typical (although creative for the genre) trance song: First thing I notice – a spiritual transcendent energy. Sawtooth synths that are more melodic than techno or house. You’re in the same ballpark, with […]

What the hell is house music?

Aaron again – I’m back researching genres. Today I thought I’d look into House music. One thing to note is that all genres that are considered “electronic”, and also hip-hop for the most part, come out of limitation. What I mean is, electronic genres generally developed as responses to NOT having the resources (financial, equipment […]

What the hell is techno music?

Aaron here. We’ve been researching genres lately. It may be obvious, but it helps to be able to “pigeonhole” your music as much as possible so you can find the people who will really be into you. With us it’s not easy! Everything we come across sounds nothing like us, even though if we look […]