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CULT OF NICE. Say it with me. CULT OF NICE. CULT OF NICE. Chant it with me now. CULT CULT CULT CULT.

Now free yourself from it, be one with darkness, light, word, superhero powers.

Cult Of Nice is based on the essay of the same name by Tamara Nicholl. It explores the mistake of shunning our dark sides, what that does to us, how it cuts in half our power. Musically, the project is dance/techno first, poetry next, and classical for spice. All real 7 foot grand pianos played by Aaron Trumm.

The concept for Cult Of Nice comes from Tamara sitting watching Darkman II The Return Of Durant. Tamara watched ‘ol darkman turn into a superhuman badass when he got angry, and immediately went into a thinking frenzy, coming up with the ideas that all of our superheros (at least recently) have a darkness that we cannot access, and when they can add that to themselves, they become incredible super heroes. Only thing is, they are accessing a darkness we (to quote a whole different Tamara poem) “have not understood is your own yet”. So what? So she wrote a paper called “The Cult Of Nice, Will Our Dark Heroes Save Us?”.


And Third Option took that essay, used it as the central thread, and found that since writing that essay, Tamara had been running that thread through all of her poems.

So Aaron wrote and arranged around poems, pieces of the essays, and other snippets of Tamara, and what was produced was not dark, moody, depressing Nine Inch Nails style intensity, like you might think when you read the word darkness, but balance. That’s right, balance. Cult Of Nice is neither happy bappy cheesy, nor is it depressing and filthy. It is a beautiful album with plenty of Duende and fire, light, dark and things in between. It is an album that stands up proud and can walk through the world in day OR night.

Now repackaged as a digital download pack complete with a 44 page PDF booklet with art, all the poetry, and track notes.  This version is available exclusively from here and NQuit Music.  Download now!


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