Frosted Mini Wheats


1) FMW Intro
2) Kennedy’s Groove
3) Steam Dance Remembering
4) It Hasn’t Been Easy
5) Over My Dead Blood
6) Goody Proctor
7) Smooth Snippet Thief
8) Still
9) Amadeus
10) Boycott The Record Shops
11) Dance Uncle
12) Orson’s Groove
13) Frosted Mini Wheats
14) Halloween In Denver
15) Buzzsaw
16) Alladin’s Groove
17) Eyes Glazed Over
18) Applemania
19) FMW Outro

Frosted Mini Wheats is the first ever Third Option album, featuring only Aaron Trumm and many crazy samples, except for Still, which features Tamara Nicholl. Since there’s so many samples with no way to contact their owners, we can’t really sell this collection, so we offer it here as a free download pack! You can also listen to the full songs right here on the site, no clips. The graphic, of which we have only a low resolution remnant, is by Adam Ford.

FMW is an actual trance record, in that all of the songs morph into each other, and there’s no break between them (so set your mp3 player accordingly if you want to hear what it sounds like).

This is not available anywhere else!